Thursday, January 13, 2011





just like women,men try to make themselves appear more attractive to impress a person that they like. if he visibly making his effort with his hair and attire,then it is an indication that he is out to impress

if u expect a men just to walk up to you and begin to chat up,and u have another thing coming. sure, there are few who does this however, they tend to be a little overconfident and mostly out for one thing. a very good indication that a guy likes you, is that his eyes will continue flicking over to you. if u catch his eye and give a little smile as this would indicate that u also like him

if a guy is into u,then they will be nervous while chatting. looks at his Adams apple. when a man is nervous their Adams apple would begin bobbing up and down. if this is happening ,then it is quite evident that he is worried about the impression he is making on you. other signs is sweaty palms,deep breaths,nervous laugher and fidgety 

a man could not help but keep smiling at is a very good sign that he like u

if he is around his friends,keep an eye on them.they would know better than anyone if he likes you. they would show signs such as smirking and teasing him.

compliments is an obvious sign that a guy likes u. if u are talking and,and he is dropping compliment after compliment,then nothing is more plain. also whenever u meet him, he may make sure to pay u a compliment.

teasing is sign of attraction, especially if he does not tease other girl/guys

if a guy is into you,then he will attempt to talk to u as much as possible as would wish to keep himself in your thought

does he slouch his shoulder,point his knees to u,face his body to u,rarely turn his back to u. these are all the signs that he likes u.

men feel the need to prove themselves. if he is obviously trying to form a positive impression on himself  in ur mind,then he may be into u. on the other hand, if he is degrading  to himself,then he is obviously insecure and may feel that he is not good enough for u.

is that so true GUYS ? hahahhaahah
i think what is most important is to be yourself and be nice to the girl sincerely not by pretending because that is just enough for a girl..:D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

when ?

this is a short entry
it is just for fun.haha.enjoy

boys become MEN when they...

follow U when U walk out

call U back when U hang up

hug U when U punch him

kiss U when U nag

watch chick-flicks with U

tolerate U crying over love stories

hand U the remote control 

pass on booze night insist to listen to U rantings

dont flare when U give car directions


say I'M SORRY and tells U he NEEDS u..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year !

 yesterday was a fine lovely day.
its is the new year eve's 
my day was terrific because of facebook.haha
there is one game that make us to describe our friends but the number was only knew between the person..this is the game and the response i get..thanks friends :)

hee hey friends (inbox) me any number between 1 and 5000 - I'll make the number as a code to write a thing that I like about you in my status. The fun thing is, only you and me know what your number is ♥ Happy new year...

the response :)

‎12: yeah..gadis arab.seriously, i thought u kacukkan arab..but i guess memang kacuk arab kan.. :P
first impression..everytime nmpak mesti tengah lah..keep it up. ^^
second impression: xde lagi..cuz baru kenal. salam perkenallan.. :)

12 - You have often proved to me that hard work can benefit just about anyone.. :).. I've known some hard working people and you're one of the most enchanting one of them all.. Often I see people reading so many books only to fail in answering simple questions.. But you have answered far more challenging questions than I could have imagined.. Your constant willingness to help others is a sure sign that you are a treasure.. Something to be kept at heart.. Although we quarrel once awhile.. I know that it is all for laughs.. None is serious.. That is what makes you easy to be around with.. Disagreement often takes a toll on relationships.. In this one.. You've made it a point that such a hypothesis can be invalid.. I hope our friendship lasts till the end..

‎12 : spe awk ni??? bdk yg de kisah ngeri dgn teletubbies dy ni..hehee...knl kot..sbb slalu nmpk dy..kat dlm jarang kot berbual..kat FB ni bwu la ni...slalu2 la tegur aq ye...!!! :))

12- kte kenal awk cz rmbt awk tuh. awk sweet la. kte pelik nape awk ske monyet. hehe. npe awk ske gado ngn A.A btw awk sweet ngn bdk tuh la. jgn mara.heee

12 : omg!u are so pretty with tudung dear!..selal jugak terserempak ngan u kan!..hee sgt suke ur smile..t kalo jumpe salu2 tgur ye:)..friend ya!;D

12~U la...i rasa satu2nya kwn i yg menangis disebabkan bunyi cm i jht lain pun nngis tp mrk tak gtaww...sory beb..i tpaksa left u dis early..yeah..thanks jgak 4 mentiong my name n siap wat poem 4 me in mnkeytalk!!!i appreciate it!!!overall,,i enjoy kwn ngn u...well u the best teammate...igt time elaun kita dua tk msk???haaa...dats the point when i realize u r trully a fren....cewwah

12:ouh.tiap kali aku tgk kau,aku terus teringat 'kal ho naa ho'.HAHA.ntahapapa.rajin gila kau weh.salute sama kau!caiyok caiyok debate!:)

12: orang nombor nak beribu2 ko nak 12 je, apa kes...? hahaha... apa2 pun u r one of the kindest people dalam batch kita. n can be trusted too. u r nice n kadang2 garang gak. da lama gak x tgok ko gado ngan elmi... hahaha. mesti best

12: erm.... Ermmmmm... Ermmmmmmm... Member wanie hahahaahah

 ‎12 :) ermm, i dont really know her act.. tp selalu jugak die appear kat fb kan.. hehe.. erm, rambut die pjg.. but she is nicer kalo pakai tudung.. sweet je tau..:) kalau jumpe lepas ni, tegur ya! i have no probs with that! :D

12 ;) awkk yg manesss , jge dry baek baekkk . hope u will be the one that ur parents proud for .♥

12: huhuhuhu... sllu nmpk kau tp x pnh tgur pown... huhu.. x tau nk ckp pe... heee..... huhuhuuh... kte sllu gbung kls mse 1st sem kan..... hahahha... kt kls pndiam.... tp skunk bru tau yg kau bnyk ckp... huhuhuhu.... hope kite kawan.... t kat kampus klu nmpk aku jgn lupe tgur2 k.. hahhahaha

12 : rambut awk !!! omg sy sgt2 jeles ye ,, haha but i like 2 see ur smile,, awk classmate 2 owg roomate sy yg gle 2 kn,, n u r so nice darl ! ♥ :)

12 kite da pnah bertego kann.awk peramah lahh jugak.hihi.selalu kann kelas kite same,well,hope will know u more!it is more happening when u r of luck.friend 4 eva., :D

12 - kenal die through FB tp sy tahu die group E... die add sy :) and then sgtt sgtt friendly jumpa kat luar tegur sy :) cute and hopefully dpt kenal lagi :) friends 4 eva :)

 12 : okay no 12, first met you during the audition. First impression, wow, she can talk! Then we started talking during poem recitation. It's funny how we just kinda talk like we already knew each other kan? You were like sooo friendly! I hope we can get to know each other better! :D xoxo :)


12-ko cute la...baik thanks tok nota yg ko bg...
emm..rambut ko 2 agak panjang la potong sikit n ak suker la kawan ngan ko...

well thats all.i may be missing one or two wishes but never mind because i have tons of them more..haha..hope that this year will be greater than last year :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


its been long time i didn't write anything,,
its seems now is the right timing
the whole day rained and do not have single clue when it will stop,,
lately many emotions had bloomed around me..
one of my friend said that i am being too serious in taking life..
but shouldnt we..
or it is just me
i need someone to share through what i been facing
someone to hear without any complaint
i miss my family
how they do really care about me
i miss my best friend who is always there right beside me
i miss the moment i had spent together with my late grandma
why life seems so hard for me
entering uitm for second semester brought many new challenges 
i had to fight for my right
i need to study hard
i need to be someone usefull
shouldn't i take life seroiusly ?
tell me
maybe i need to relax.
relax thinking the best way to fulfill everything
but this will not make we weak as my friend say i am like bubbles.easily breakable 
am i ?
who have the answer to this.
perhaps i am the person to solve it
i know i have weakness.
happy is meaningful word to me
i cant show that i am sad.
to be happy and smile is what i love to do
oh and yes fight too
 where will life lead me ?
we will just wait and see

p/s : arif,,i know my grammar sucks ! HAHA.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


what do you think of love?  what does love means to you ? and what type of love do you want? what type of lover i want ?

my friends always ask this questions to me.till this day i don't have the answer to it.

maybe this entry will help to answer those questions.

i think that love is made for everyone and no one can't escape it.
i also thinks that love is blind

love to me is a deep feeling that we share with others.

love to me is emotions that make we feel tortured

love to me is subject that can be seen trough our eyes

love to me is is my mother,father,sister and brother,grandma,auntie's and uncle's

love to me is when we meet someone that we know that the person will take care of us.

love to me is sharing everything with the person we assumed to be our soulmate.

love to me is my soulmate

what type of love i want?

i want the love that make me be myself 

i want the love that bring me to journey without going anywhere .

i want the love to be the most beautiful scene ever

what type of lover i want  ? 

i want someone to be with me while i'm crying

i want someone that understand me while i'm explaining

i want someone to trust me when i say i'm not guilty

i want someone that i can lay on when i'm in difficulties.

i want someone that lend me his chest when i'm afraid

i want someone that care for me

i want someone who is willing to do anything for me

i want someone who love me for who i am

i want someone who look at my eyes and say that he love me

i want someone to appear in my dreams when i'm in nightmare


i want that someone be mine forever

 i want the 'one' tells me this when he is trying the best

i know all i do is i can wish

 and i wish what i have said will be mine

it is every girl thing to dream the best

and i am not an execeptional

Thursday, November 11, 2010


memory is the most beautiful souvenir of our memories we remember someone or some situation that we will never forget no matter if it's great or damn bad.

my BEAUTIFULL memory starts right the moment when i received the news of getting place in univercity. * it is acctually damn AWFULL because i HAD TO LEAVE MY HOME * OH NO *
* someone rescue me !!!! * i was crying hell out till i think i put myself in a condition u will never believe to see me like that..assume that the picture is me just * ADD ON SOME HAIR,,POWDER,,GLOSS,,BLUSHER,,AND OH RIBBON * im kidding lol *

the journey than continue when i met 2 of my roomate which are slighty la.they are kind.three of us was the only JUNIOR in that apartment.SO WHAT.WE ARE HAPPY but not with the others attitude that makes me want to kill.hahah.there was an not kidding.HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA..
hey then the misery beguns to show its i using the rite word or what.ok ignore.i can see u are going to open a DICTIONARY.

ok..back to was after a trip to the beach.we went for a day was fun yet tiring and MAKE ME TURN BLACK IN COLOUR.not totally but SLIGHLTY DARK.
then then then,,MY EYE.,OH NO MY EYE,,
my eye was infected..some tissue's broke and turn my eye onto DRACULA,,VAMPIRE,,GHOST or whatever name u want INTO RED in colour.
oh my oh my oh my.,i had to wear sunglasses to CLASS..for heaven sake can u imagine. well i did.
there 's a lot of people gave their comment eventhough I DIN'T ASK FOR IT. *what to do *
* just smile and take it *
i think about weeks i wore those sunglasses to class and I BECAME POPULAR.the guard also now know me.and there was one boy senior teasing me saying that im HOT in those stupid sunglasses and i just ignore.i know he is just trying to make me mad.and sucess was his.
then story continue when i ALWAYS FORGETS.
i forget where i put my wallet.and cry the hell out.
i forget i buy a bread at seven eleven and left it there.the cashier boy LAUGH at me.
and i hope i dint forget WHO I AM.HAHAHHHAA.
if and only if i forget WHO I AM,.do pleasee !!! make me remember.ahahahahhahhah tired.byebye.

f.y.i  i  kinda cry like this whenever i have to be in kuantan..again and again

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i love u ABAH.

i read this and it touches me,i hope that the person don't mind me sharing this at my blog........
i just want my father to know that i love him equal as i love my mother..
both of u are my life ma and abah..

p/s ; this entry is in bahasa melayu.

Biasanya, bagi seorang anak perempuan yang sudah dewasa, yang sedang bekerja diperantauan, yang ikut suaminya merantau di luar kota atau luar negeri,yang sedang bersekolah atau kuliah jauh dari kedua orang tuanya...Akan sering merasa rindu sekali dengan ibunya..Lalu bagaimana dengan AYAH?

Mungkin kerana ibu lebih sering menelefon untuk menanyakan keadaanmu setiap hari, tapi tahukah kamu, jika ternyata ayah-lah yang mengingatkan ibu untuk menelefonmu?

Mungkin dulu sewaktu kamu kecil, ibu-lah yang lebih sering mengajakmu bercerita atau berdongeng, tapi tahukah kamu, bahwa sekembalinya ayah dr bekerja dan dengan wajah lelah ayah selalu menanyakan pada ibu tentang khabarmu dan apa yang kau lakukan seharian?

Pada saat dirimu masih seorang anak perempuan kecil.Ayah biasanya mengajari putri kecilnya naik basikal .Dan setelah ayah mengganggapmu sudah boleh menunggangnya, ayah akan melepaskan roda bantu di basikalmu .Kemudian Ibu bilang : "Jangan dulu ayahnya, jangan ditanggalkan dulu roda bantunya", itu kerana ibu takut puteri manisnya akan terjatuh lalu terluka....

Tapi sedarkah dikau?Bahwa ayah dengan yakin akan membiarkanmu, menatapmu, dan menjagamu mengayuh basikal dengan seksama kerana dia tahu puteri kecilnya PASTI mampu melakukannya.

Pada saat kamu menangis merengek meminta alat permainan yang baru, ibu menatapmu hiba.Tetapi ayah akan mengatakan dengan tegas : "Boleh, kita beli nanti, tapi tidak sekarang" Tahukah kamu, ayah melakukan itu kerana ayah tidak ingin kamu menjadi anak yang manja dengan semua tuntutan yang selalu dapat dipenuhi.

Saat kamu ditimpa sakit , ayah lah yang terlalu khawatir sampai kekadang sedikit membentak dengan berkata : "Sudah di beritahu! kamu jangan minum air sejuk!".Berbeza dengan ibu yang memperhatikan dan menasihatimu dengan lembut.Ketahuilah, saat itu ayah benar-benar mengkhuatirkan keadaanmu..

Ketika kamu sudah beranjak muda remaja..Kamu mulai menuntut pada ayah untuk mendapat keizinan keluar malam, dan ayah bersikap tegas dan mengatakan: "Tidak boleh!".Tahukah kamu, bahwa ayah melakukan itu untuk menjagamu?Kerana bagi ayah, kamu adalah sesuatu yang sangat - sangat luar biasa berharga..Setelah itu kamu marah pada ayah, dan masuk ke kamar sambil membanting pintu...

Dan yang datang mengetok pintu dan memujukmu agar tidak marah adalah ayah.Tahukah kamu,bahwa saat itu ayah memejamkan matanya dan menahan gejolak dalam batinnya, Bahwa ayah sangat ingin mengikuti keinginanmu, Tapi lagi-lagi dia HARUS menjagamu?

Ketika saat seorang teman lelaki mulai sering menelefonmu, atau bahkan datang ke rumah untuk menemuimu,ayah akan memasang wajah paling cool sedunia.... :') ayah sesekali menguping atau mengintip saat kamu sedang berbuall berdua di ruang tamu..Sedarkah kamu, kalau hati ayah merasa cemburu?

Saat kamu mulai lebih dipercaya, dan ayah melonggarkan sedikit peraturan untuk keluar rumah untukmu, kamu akan memaksa untuk melanggar jam malamnya.Maka yang dilakukan ayah adalah duduk di ruang tamu, dan menunggumu pulang dengan hati yang sangat khuatirdan bimbang.Dan setelah perasaan khuatir itu berlarut - larut.Ketika melihat puteri kecilnya pulang larut malam hati ayah akan mengeras dan memarahimu..Sedarkah kamu, bahwa ini kerana hal yang di sangat ditakuti ayah akan segera datang? "Bahwa puteri kecilnya akan segera pergi meninggalkannya"

Setelah lulus SPM, Ayah akan sedikit memaksamu untuk menjadi seorang Doktor atau Engineer. Ketahuilah, bahwa seluruh paksaan yang dilakukan ayah itu semata - mata hanya karena memikirkan masa depanmu nanti.Tapi ayah tetap tersenyum dan menyokongmu saat pilihanmu tidak sesuai dengan keinginan ayah.

Ketika kamu menjadi gadis dewasa.Dan kamu harus pergi kuliah dikota lain.ayah harus melepaskanmu di bandar.Tahukah kamu bahwa badan ayah terasa kaku untuk memelukmu? Ayah hanya tersenyum sambil memberi nasihat ini - itu, dan menyuruhmu untuk berhati-hati.Padahal ayah ingin sekali menangis seperti ibu dan memelukmu erat-erat.Yang ayah lakukan hanya menghapus sedikit air mata di sudut matanya, dan menepuk pundakmu berkata "Jaga dirimu baik-baik ya sayang".Ayah melakukan itu semua agar kamu KUAT....kuat untuk pergi dan menjadi dewasa.

Disaat kamu kesempitan wang untuk membiayai perbelanjaan semester dan kehidupanmu, orang pertama yang mengerutkan kening adalah ayah. Ayah pasti berusaha keras mencari jalan agar anaknya boleh merasa sama dengan teman-temannya yang lain.Ketika permintaanmu bukan lagi sekadar meminta alat mainan yang baru, dan ayah tahu ia tidak mampu memberikan apa yang kamu inginkan...

Kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut Ayah adalah : "Tidak.... Tidak boleh!" Padahal dalam batin Ayah, Ia sangat ingin mengatakan "Iya sayang, nanti ayah belikan untukmu".Tahukah kamu bahwa pada saat itu Ayah merasa gagal membuat anaknya tersenyum?

Saatnya kamu berjaya sebagai seorang sarjana. Ayah adalah orang pertama yang berdiri dan memberi tepuk tangan untukmu.Ayah akan tersenyum dengan bangga dan puas melihat "puteri kecilnya yang tidak manja berhasil tumbuh dewasa, dan telah menjadi seseorang" Sampai saat seorang teman Lelakimu datang ke rumah dan meminta izin pada ayah untuk mengambilmu darinya.Papa akan sangat berhati-hati memberikan izin..Kerana Ayah tahu.....Bahwa lelaki itulah yang akan menggantikan posisinya nanti.

Dan akhirnya....

Saat ayah melihatmu duduk di kerusi pelaminan bersama seseorang Lelaki yang di anggapnya mampu menggantikannya, Ayah pun tersenyum bahagia..Apakah kamu mengetahui, di hari yang bahagia itu ayah pergi kebelakang pentas pelaminan sebentar, dan menangis? Ayah menangis karena ayah sangat berbahagia, kemudian ayah berdoa....Dalam lirih doanya kepada Tuhan, Ayah berkata: "Ya Allah tugasku telah selesai dengan baik....Puteri kecilku yang lucu dan kucintai telah menjadi wanita solehah yang cantik....Bahagiakanlah dia bersama suaminya...rahmatilah kehidupan mereka Ya Allah"

Setelah itu Ayah hanya mampu menunggu kedatanganmu bersama cucu-cucunya yang sesekali datang untuk menjenguk...Dengan rambut yang telah dan semakin memutih....Dan badan serta lengan yang tak lagi kuat untuk menjagamu dari bahaya....Ayah telah menyelesaikan tugasnya....Papa, Ayah, Bapak, atau Abah kita...Adalah sosok yang harus selalu terlihat kuat...Bahkan ketika dia tidak kuat untuk tidak menangis...Dia harus terlihat tegas bahkan saat dia ingin memanjakanmu.Dan dia adalah yang orang pertama yang selalu yakin bahwa "KAMU MAMPU" dalam segala hal..