Thursday, October 7, 2010

the devil and the evil.

everyone know about the evil and the devil.they are the best friends,,very close till they make unwanted plans that can ruin people life.haha, basically there are ONE EVIL and ONE DEVIL in my home sweet home.there are my brothers and sisters,, cruel am I..hehehehehehehhehehe... 


she is my YOUNGER sister..but every one assume her as my ELDER SISTER..maybe she looks mature than me.haha.ok question here..WHY I DIDN'T LOOK MATURE???.hahah..anyway.she is thin,,with long hair,,and sharp nose which everyone jealous off..eventhough she always like to fight with me but sometimes she kinda change and suddenly become an ANGEL.hahaha..that time will be the best moment to talk about girl stuff,,she also always fight with my mother,,in simple way..SHE LOVES TO FIGHT,,,,she will kill me now.HELP!!! HELP!!!..and the most important thing that she HATE the most is ME..hahahahha..kidding..that isnt true like SHAFIZZA..EHEM2..she hate to take guys out there don't ever ever try to take her picture or she will chase u like she used to do it to me.



he is my BROTHER and act as my PROTECTOR..isn't that shafizza,,salman also is one of the devils in my house..he love to make pranks and scare the HELL out of me,.because of what u know..BECAUSE I AM SCARED OF GHOSTS..ergghhhhh,,he is tall, baby face, with high frequency of voice.haha.sometimes i just dont know what is he talking about.OMG.his voice is too deep,,too too deep..opps.he didnt hear rite.hahahhahahaha..HE'S COMING HE'S COMING..HIDE!!!!!..but somehow,,we are close.we love to do things together,,there is one day we recorded our singing video..and it was so hilarious until we cant stop laughing all day.hahaha.recently we went jogging and you know what..I BEAT HIM.OH YEAHHH,..HAHAHAHAH,,,it was tiring yet fun because i can spent time with my siblings..and nowdays living in kuantan makes me miss them all day. and the specialty about him is that he is caring and not a CHEAPSKATE.. 


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