Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year !

 yesterday was a fine lovely day.
its is the new year eve's 
my day was terrific because of facebook.haha
there is one game that make us to describe our friends but the number was only knew between the person..this is the game and the response i get..thanks friends :)

hee hey friends (inbox) me any number between 1 and 5000 - I'll make the number as a code to write a thing that I like about you in my status. The fun thing is, only you and me know what your number is ♥ Happy new year...

the response :)

‎12: yeah..gadis arab.seriously, i thought u kacukkan arab..but i guess memang kacuk arab kan.. :P
first impression..everytime nmpak mesti tengah lah..keep it up. ^^
second impression: xde lagi..cuz baru kenal. salam perkenallan.. :)

12 - You have often proved to me that hard work can benefit just about anyone.. :).. I've known some hard working people and you're one of the most enchanting one of them all.. Often I see people reading so many books only to fail in answering simple questions.. But you have answered far more challenging questions than I could have imagined.. Your constant willingness to help others is a sure sign that you are a treasure.. Something to be kept at heart.. Although we quarrel once awhile.. I know that it is all for laughs.. None is serious.. That is what makes you easy to be around with.. Disagreement often takes a toll on relationships.. In this one.. You've made it a point that such a hypothesis can be invalid.. I hope our friendship lasts till the end..

‎12 : spe awk ni??? bdk yg de kisah ngeri dgn teletubbies dy ni..hehee...knl kot..sbb slalu nmpk dy..kat dlm jarang kot berbual..kat FB ni bwu la ni...slalu2 la tegur aq ye...!!! :))

12- kte kenal awk cz rmbt awk tuh. awk sweet la. kte pelik nape awk ske monyet. hehe. npe awk ske gado ngn A.A btw awk sweet ngn bdk tuh la. jgn mara.heee

12 : omg!u are so pretty with tudung dear!..selal jugak terserempak ngan u kan!..hee sgt suke ur smile..t kalo jumpe salu2 tgur ye:)..friend ya!;D

12~U la...i rasa satu2nya kwn i yg menangis disebabkan bunyi cm i jht lain pun nngis tp mrk tak gtaww...sory beb..i tpaksa left u dis early..yeah..thanks jgak 4 mentiong my name n siap wat poem 4 me in mnkeytalk!!!i appreciate it!!!overall,,i enjoy kwn ngn u...well u the best teammate...igt time elaun kita dua tk msk???haaa...dats the point when i realize u r trully a fren....cewwah

12:ouh.tiap kali aku tgk kau,aku terus teringat 'kal ho naa ho'.HAHA.ntahapapa.rajin gila kau weh.salute sama kau!caiyok caiyok debate!:)

12: orang nombor nak beribu2 ko nak 12 je, apa kes...? hahaha... apa2 pun u r one of the kindest people dalam batch kita. n can be trusted too. u r nice n kadang2 garang gak. da lama gak x tgok ko gado ngan elmi... hahaha. mesti best

12: erm.... Ermmmmm... Ermmmmmmm... Member wanie hahahaahah

 ‎12 :) ermm, i dont really know her act.. tp selalu jugak die appear kat fb kan.. hehe.. erm, rambut die pjg.. but she is nicer kalo pakai tudung.. sweet je tau..:) kalau jumpe lepas ni, tegur ya! i have no probs with that! :D

12 ;) awkk yg manesss , jge dry baek baekkk . hope u will be the one that ur parents proud for .♥

12: huhuhuhu... sllu nmpk kau tp x pnh tgur pown... huhu.. x tau nk ckp pe... heee..... huhuhuuh... kte sllu gbung kls mse 1st sem kan..... hahahha... kt kls pndiam.... tp skunk bru tau yg kau bnyk ckp... huhuhuhu.... hope kite kawan.... t kat kampus klu nmpk aku jgn lupe tgur2 k.. hahhahaha

12 : rambut awk !!! omg sy sgt2 jeles ye ,, haha but i like 2 see ur smile,, awk classmate 2 owg roomate sy yg gle 2 kn,, n u r so nice darl ! ♥ :)

12 kite da pnah bertego kann.awk peramah lahh jugak.hihi.selalu kann kelas kite same,well,hope will know u more!it is more happening when u r of luck.friend 4 eva., :D

12 - kenal die through FB tp sy tahu die group E... die add sy :) and then sgtt sgtt friendly jumpa kat luar tegur sy :) cute and hopefully dpt kenal lagi :) friends 4 eva :)

 12 : okay no 12, first met you during the audition. First impression, wow, she can talk! Then we started talking during poem recitation. It's funny how we just kinda talk like we already knew each other kan? You were like sooo friendly! I hope we can get to know each other better! :D xoxo :)


12-ko cute la...baik thanks tok nota yg ko bg...
emm..rambut ko 2 agak panjang la potong sikit n ak suker la kawan ngan ko...

well thats all.i may be missing one or two wishes but never mind because i have tons of them more..haha..hope that this year will be greater than last year :)

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