Sunday, October 17, 2010

why ???

okay hye guys..
i dont have anything that will make u laugh or entertain today..
today topic is a bit serious yet IMPORTANT especially to all girls out there including for me as lesson to be learn..

just 10 minutes before i read today newspaper..

the tittle made me stood like a stone.

do you believe that a girl age around me have made sexual intercourse with the person that she recently knew at chat rooms..WHAT THE HELL??? *sorry for using the word * and not only with a person but tons of them.can u imagine !!!

u know what,,it really have no relation with me,but im a girl what is the girl doing with her life make me these situation have to happen .why she have to make such decision. isnt her parents care about her??
mine i know they do.

i think that if u really love someone u dont need to give everything to the person..u need to care for ur dignity..and THE PERSON THAT LOVE U ALSO HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT U ARE A GIRL.A GIRL ONLY DEPENDS ON ITS mom always say that it its the precious things that u need to care all ur life eventhough u have married.

love is a great emotion but make realize that LOVE TO ALLAH is the greatest feeling.
do think before act.
i hope that GIRLS out there make this as lesson..

give all only to ALLAH..
the greatest of all.

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