Sunday, November 14, 2010


what do you think of love?  what does love means to you ? and what type of love do you want? what type of lover i want ?

my friends always ask this questions to me.till this day i don't have the answer to it.

maybe this entry will help to answer those questions.

i think that love is made for everyone and no one can't escape it.
i also thinks that love is blind

love to me is a deep feeling that we share with others.

love to me is emotions that make we feel tortured

love to me is subject that can be seen trough our eyes

love to me is is my mother,father,sister and brother,grandma,auntie's and uncle's

love to me is when we meet someone that we know that the person will take care of us.

love to me is sharing everything with the person we assumed to be our soulmate.

love to me is my soulmate

what type of love i want?

i want the love that make me be myself 

i want the love that bring me to journey without going anywhere .

i want the love to be the most beautiful scene ever

what type of lover i want  ? 

i want someone to be with me while i'm crying

i want someone that understand me while i'm explaining

i want someone to trust me when i say i'm not guilty

i want someone that i can lay on when i'm in difficulties.

i want someone that lend me his chest when i'm afraid

i want someone that care for me

i want someone who is willing to do anything for me

i want someone who love me for who i am

i want someone who look at my eyes and say that he love me

i want someone to appear in my dreams when i'm in nightmare


i want that someone be mine forever

 i want the 'one' tells me this when he is trying the best

i know all i do is i can wish

 and i wish what i have said will be mine

it is every girl thing to dream the best

and i am not an execeptional

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