Saturday, December 4, 2010


its been long time i didn't write anything,,
its seems now is the right timing
the whole day rained and do not have single clue when it will stop,,
lately many emotions had bloomed around me..
one of my friend said that i am being too serious in taking life..
but shouldnt we..
or it is just me
i need someone to share through what i been facing
someone to hear without any complaint
i miss my family
how they do really care about me
i miss my best friend who is always there right beside me
i miss the moment i had spent together with my late grandma
why life seems so hard for me
entering uitm for second semester brought many new challenges 
i had to fight for my right
i need to study hard
i need to be someone usefull
shouldn't i take life seroiusly ?
tell me
maybe i need to relax.
relax thinking the best way to fulfill everything
but this will not make we weak as my friend say i am like bubbles.easily breakable 
am i ?
who have the answer to this.
perhaps i am the person to solve it
i know i have weakness.
happy is meaningful word to me
i cant show that i am sad.
to be happy and smile is what i love to do
oh and yes fight too
 where will life lead me ?
we will just wait and see

p/s : arif,,i know my grammar sucks ! HAHA.

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