Thursday, November 11, 2010


memory is the most beautiful souvenir of our memories we remember someone or some situation that we will never forget no matter if it's great or damn bad.

my BEAUTIFULL memory starts right the moment when i received the news of getting place in univercity. * it is acctually damn AWFULL because i HAD TO LEAVE MY HOME * OH NO *
* someone rescue me !!!! * i was crying hell out till i think i put myself in a condition u will never believe to see me like that..assume that the picture is me just * ADD ON SOME HAIR,,POWDER,,GLOSS,,BLUSHER,,AND OH RIBBON * im kidding lol *

the journey than continue when i met 2 of my roomate which are slighty la.they are kind.three of us was the only JUNIOR in that apartment.SO WHAT.WE ARE HAPPY but not with the others attitude that makes me want to kill.hahah.there was an not kidding.HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA..
hey then the misery beguns to show its i using the rite word or what.ok ignore.i can see u are going to open a DICTIONARY.

ok..back to was after a trip to the beach.we went for a day was fun yet tiring and MAKE ME TURN BLACK IN COLOUR.not totally but SLIGHLTY DARK.
then then then,,MY EYE.,OH NO MY EYE,,
my eye was infected..some tissue's broke and turn my eye onto DRACULA,,VAMPIRE,,GHOST or whatever name u want INTO RED in colour.
oh my oh my oh my.,i had to wear sunglasses to CLASS..for heaven sake can u imagine. well i did.
there 's a lot of people gave their comment eventhough I DIN'T ASK FOR IT. *what to do *
* just smile and take it *
i think about weeks i wore those sunglasses to class and I BECAME POPULAR.the guard also now know me.and there was one boy senior teasing me saying that im HOT in those stupid sunglasses and i just ignore.i know he is just trying to make me mad.and sucess was his.
then story continue when i ALWAYS FORGETS.
i forget where i put my wallet.and cry the hell out.
i forget i buy a bread at seven eleven and left it there.the cashier boy LAUGH at me.
and i hope i dint forget WHO I AM.HAHAHHHAA.
if and only if i forget WHO I AM,.do pleasee !!! make me remember.ahahahahhahhah tired.byebye.

f.y.i  i  kinda cry like this whenever i have to be in kuantan..again and again

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