Monday, October 11, 2010

birthday birthday birthday !!!!

happy birthday me !!

tuesday 12 october 2010
 today headline..
smashingly a girl name NURSHAINAZ is celebrating her birthday.
its been seen that this girl is happy because many of her friends acctually remember her birthday THANKS TO FACEBOOK.wuhuuu..

first of all i wanna thank all the people that had wished me,..hope that all of the wish will give me LUCK.
the LUCKY PERSON that is number ONE this year fall to SYAFIQAH JEFFRI who wished at 6 october..early rite..hahahha..nevermind,,the second one my cute cute friend ERRA DYEANA binti u always girl and congratz of leaving form 6..really relieve rite??
the third one goes to CIK HIDAYAH RAMLI si tembammm..hahaha..*cubit2 pipi kau*
but not forget to all my frens that had wished on u all..eventhough there is notification saying that it is NUR SHAINAZ BIRTHDAY TODAY..hahah,,

my dreams for this year is that i will suceed in my studies..taking LAW bebeh..kinda hard..but  must strike..and ADD by MUET tension..fuhhh..hope i manage..
 i also wished that my parents will always be happy but not so happy till i have to send them to mental hospital..kihkihkih..kidding..
and to my beloved frens hope that we will always cherish in our relationship..especially afina farihin,,u always be there for me,,and mastura mohsin..u are the havoc friend i have ever met,,
afina farihin

me and mastura,.
want want want this cake !!!!

want want want this cake !!!!

delicious right..

eventhough i am happy but there is little sad that cross my life lately..missing my grandma..if she is still here she would be the first person to wish me.,,i know that she love me so much and i love her to till my last breath and then we will meet again in other world..

i love u.


  1. aqila ni- alalalala.birthday girl..aku dh wish kan,
    tapi apepun.alang2 entry birthday ni.HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAINAZ!!heehehe,pasal grandma kau..jgn sedih2 yekk..

  2. haha,thanks qila..
    ok !!!
    syg kau.