Tuesday, October 5, 2010

heloo everyone !!!

hey2..so at last,,i made a blog for myself..
haha..it seems funny..it is like talking to no people but they know what i talking at..
all of u would wonder  WHY MONKEY???..aren't they cute,,i mean they are cute rite,,monkey symbolize the year i was born which is 1992.for me it is not weird to have interest in monkey as i am being myself,,rather than that i also LOVE RAINS,,,don't u think that rain is romantic..to be wet in the rain is the precious moment i will never forget,,u can feel the drops of the rain touches your body and till it touches your heart,,OUCH !! to sentimental right,.,hahhaha,,so this is the first journey for me in this blogging world..hope i can share great stories and make all of you be part of my life..THE END..

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