Thursday, October 7, 2010

my family tree

hye story is briefly about my parents,,here there are !!!

first of course my father and mother which brought me to this fun, exciting yet confusing and complicated world..thanks mom and dad,

DAD,,AZIZOR RAHMAN B.ABDUL RAHMAN the most handsome man in earth,,haha,,but jesse mccartney,robert pattinson,avinash sachdev are also handsome..oopss sorry abah,,hahahah..but u are a great person. i will never find a replacement for u. everything i wish for i will get it even sometimes it is hard to get..for example my laptop which i dream all day,,haha.what to say some more..aha..u are so so so an angry person..but i realize that since the day i enter university u kind of cool down rite,.no matter what happen i just want u to know that  i LOVE U SO SO MUCH..and also stop smoking for the sake of ur health,,we care about u.

MOM,,KAMALIAH BT ABDUL AZIZ.,,the purest person i ever meet..all  or u will like saying that " of cousre she said that,.,its her mother rite"..but no i said  it trully deep from my heart. no one can be like her,,she cooks the best till i'm now getting chubbier..hahahha..dont laugh!!!!..the words best describe her is she is BEAUTIFUL,,KIND,,LOVING..GOOD COOKER,.and most important is that i love her..if she is fated to see the the god first then i think i will be crush and never ever be myself again because i lost the wall that i always lay on,.

p/s; do always love them because they are the one that care for u even in a hard time of ur life..they are beats of ur heart..

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